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  • Discussion 
    Does anybody know if the chatbot works, or if it is just me that cannot get access to it?
  • Question 
    Is there any ready-to-use input element for phone number ? Preferrably with a dropdown to select the country.
  • Question 
    I have Wix looking at this, but I figured I'd post it here in the meantime to see if anyone has any suggestions or solutions for this. (It's been 10 days, and we have 1,000+ members that are waiting for this to get fixed) Here is a 3 minute screen capture video where I show the gif loader stop working to load my repeater thumbnails: I also show the code and the YouTube video loader that we're trying to achieve. It was working about a month ago, so I'm not sure why it started breaking. I talked with someone that said they think it's on Wix's side, but that's all they said. IS IT A LOADING ISSUE? - I did a test where I set the database to let 800 thumbnails load... It worked but took 20+ seconds at the start, BUT it didn't crash. - I went and changed about 60 of the thumbnails to be a smaller size, but it actually made the crashing worse (but really, touching the site at all seems to make it worse). - I tried duplicating the page and just doing pagination instead of a lazy loader, and it crashed when you clicked to page 2. IS IT A TIMING OUT ISSUE? - It feels like it struggles, then quits. IS IT A THROTTLING ISSUE? - Abstractly speaking: It feels like if you "wake the troll" it starts punishing you. - What would cause the browser itself to not refresh? IS IT A CACHING ISSUE? - The problem seems to get worse the more you mess with it. - If you scroll real slow, you can get it to load a lot one time, but if you do that a second time, it punishes you and shuts down much faster. SOMETHING I'M MISSING? - I'm not an expert... I'm just a business owner trying to solve this. - Any and all INSIGHTS / SCRAPS / IDEAS are welcome! Thanks! Shan

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