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New Posts
  • Question 
    The hamburger menu is working fine in preview, but on the live it isn't working on chrome, nothing happens when you click on it (it does work on safari). I contacted customer support four days ago and still no answer from Editor X! My client's launch is delayed because of this, how frustrating.
  • Discussion 
    I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing it or if this would actually be a feature request. In the normal wix editor there is the option of using and image as a button (using an icon button) - with the related hover and click behaviours so that you can select a second image to show when you hover on the image. There does not seem to be a easy way to do this on the Editor X button options - which seem to only allow text. Should I be just adding a link to an image and then digging into the corvid on mouse over/on click code to create the same on mouse over change for an image? I'm pretty novice at code... so if someone can point me at something that I can use I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  • Question 
    My website load-time is really slow. Most of the elements that I used were similar to the non Editor X version. Any feedback to make improvements to loading speed would be appreciated. This is the website. w