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  • Question 
    In the regular editor, you can create two stripes at the same position one on top of the other. That gives us a playground to scroll images in front and behind a transparent image, and get a nice effect by that. An example: Is this possible in editorX? thanks gidon
  • Discussion 
    I just noticed that that wix editor has recaptcha input element available but couldn't find one on editor X. is it not available there ? if it's not available, are there any alternative to avoid spam/abuse of custom forms ?
  • Question 
    Hi, I am making a chat system where I have a repeater that is inside of a container to display the messages. I have set the "overflow content" of the container to the "scroll" setting so that when the content of the repeater( the messages) cannot be visualized, a scrollbar appears next to the container and the user can view all of his messages by scrolling up and down. My problem is that every time the user sends or receives a new message or when he loads some of his previous chats, he has to manually scroll down to see the latest message (which can be quite annoying if you've had a long chat with somebody). What I would like to achieve is something like "scrollTo" but inside of the container so that I can actually scroll to the latest item in the repeater. Is there such functionality implemented, because I could not find a way to do it. Thank you in advance!

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