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    I really like Editor X, yes it has it bugs and limits. Hower I've got the patience to work around these and I see it gradually improving. Afterall it still in Beta. However what does concern me is the speed of the website. I know Wix has announced further performance improvements for all Wix websites. However it is not clear if this will make an Editor X website equally fast as a website build with the traditional editor. Did anyone build a real fast Editor X website? Would be great to to see best practice examples.
  • You can now tag Header and Footer masters by right-clicking on the Section and choose "Set as Master" and then pick the type : Header , Section or Footer. The Masters Panel is now ordered according to the master type and you can also set which Header will be the Default one and same for the Footer, and they'll be added automatically to any new standard pages in your site. Note : Once you flip a regular section to be vertical, you can then set it as master Header and once it is defined as Fixed inside the Scroll section in the Inspector panel , then the Header scroll effects become available, enabling you to apply Transition and Fill effects on Vertical Headers. Please share your feedback and let us know if you have any question. Naama
  • Hello everyone, feel free to check out our new brand "Footprint", and website, built entirely with Editor X. I mainly used the standard blocks available in Editor X, so I was able to get our site up and running quickly. Rudolf

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