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  • I am happy to share that we just released a new hamburger menu element, available in the Add Panel. It is basically a vector image, so you can easily replace and scale it—plus, there's a separate X icon for closing. Check out the x icon inside the menu container and design it exactly they way you desire. We suggest you replace any existing hamburger menus you have on your sites as we'll stop supporting them soon.
  • Discussion 
    Good morning Forum friends. I know you can add anchors to specific Dynamic Pages once you have created the page but I wondered if you could add anchors to the generic Dynamic Page... I have a Dynamic Page and wondered if you can add anchors so that they apply across all subsequent generated pages. I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for your replies. Cheers Russell
  • Question 
    Dear Wix community, I have a question and I urgently need a solution. I would like to build in a so-called "filter" so that I can filter out what is displayed in a website with several elements with one click. And if I Cklick „Show all“ all elements dispaly again. I hope I have explained it clearly but I will attach a screen video anyway. I know i can do it with diffrent pages so i can link a button tot he page were you can only found what is on the Button. But i would love to have a tool or something like this. Here is a video what i mean so your can understand it better: Is it somehow possible to implement this? Thanks for your answers! Vanessa

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