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  • Discussion 
    Hello, I've finished with my website and happy with everything. When I send someone a link to my webpage, a picture also attaches with the web address. The picture is of an old business card, and I want my new card. I can't figure out where the picture is coming from, I went to the gallery and it's not there. Somehow I uploaded a picture on my old card while making the site, and its showing that picture when I send/text a link. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  • Discussion 
    Fellow members of the community. This is just a reminder or an update to those who might be unaware. If you are having your share of fun with the new Editor X, you wouldn't want to miss this "Design Class with Zipeng Zhu" - the founder of Dazzle design studio. Series of Video tutorials will be available soon. Refer link: Are you excited? I sure am.
  • Question 
    Hello! How can I achieve the testimonial scrolling effect like the one on the SAAS template? The template: - some of the containers/grids have the same scrolling effect as well (near the Simplifying the Complex text) . Any help would be greatly appreciated.