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  • Question 
    Hello Dear EditorX Team, Is it possible to Migrate Site Members, subscribers to editorx site from wixsite? with or without their knowlege?
  • Question 
    Hi i have a dynamic dataset that populates dynamic pages, but there are a couple pages that are not linked to the dataset that i would like linked to the other dataset. So dataset a populates this dataset. The chemistrie sunclips links to the second screenshot. that button goes here but i really want it to go here - a page thats not part of the dynamic page group but has datasets on it linking to page content. the question is how to make the link to the dynamic page go directly to another page. can i technical help here? visit to view the prototype website
  • Discussion 
    The Footer disappeared from my section instead of the section pushing him down, i didn't found the way to stack the footer down, about images- I would love to know how I choose which part of the image to display within the section or column, thank you

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