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    Can anybody help me with applying some code from Bandsintown to my website? I tried to simply type in the code to an iFrame. But it doesn't show anything... The code looks like this: <script charset="utf-8" src=""></script> <a class="bit-widget-initializer" data-artist-name="NameOfTheArtist" data-display-past-dates="true" data-text-color="#000000" data-link-color="#E4695D" data-background-color="#ffffff" data-display-details="true" data-popup-background-color="#ffffff" data-link-text-color="#FFFFFF" data-separator-color="#CBCBCB" data-language="de" data-font="Helvetica" data-display-local-dates="false" data-auto-style="false" data-display-lineup="false" data-display-play-my-city="true" data-display-limit="15" data-display-start-time="false" ></a>
  • Hey creators, We’re very excited to invite you to our special online event for web creators. There’ll be some really big announcements about the future of the platform plus some game-changing new feature releases. Join us on Feb 4 at 2pm EST. Sign up for the event.
  • Discussion 
    Hello! I am creating a website for an art gallery, and creating a Dynamic Page for our artists, so I don't have to make 80 individual pages. I have sections, for example Video, that not all artists have. Is there a way to have the Video section only appear if there is a video to show? If there is no video listed in Content Manager, can I hide the Video section rather than have it blank?

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