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Apr 30

A Message to Wix - Editor X: This is big...

I am a religious user of Wix due to the incredibly powerful package that the whole platform brings to small businesses.

This recent incorporation of a community forum, as well as the new CSS Editor X, will usher Wix into a new era of Drag & Drop editors...

I will be monitoring this forum closely and making any contribution/suggestion I can.

A very active support staff and developer presence from the WIX team is mandatory for this to be a success. I hope to see great things for this platform in the future.

Glad to be a part of it.

Hey Danny,

Rich here,

Welcome, and I second your thoughts. I feel this is a real game changer. The more we 'Devotees' chime in with good reporting, the sooner we'll have the full release. I too look forward the addition of your input.

I think what is important is for us testers to realize that this is a real Beta Test, and Not a Pre-Release. By focusing on what's already there, and not getting too lost in features the old platform has, that have not been added yet. It's a fair guess all the features we've come to love will eventually make it to EditorX, but not before it's core foundation is solid. It would be a big mistake to rush this part just to get some features the platform is not ready for.

I've been waiting years for WIX to create EditorX. Now's not the time for me to get impatient.😎

Big focus on your statement there: "not getting too lost in features the old platform has, that have not been added yet"... This is a very strong line here. This is a chance to partially swipe the slate clean.

I love the use of the strip backgrounds along with the pre-set parallax function. I had to actually stop and take a second to realize that you can do the exact same thing - utilizing the layer system... Being very well versed in Adobe products - this makes SO much more sense to me. However - old habits are hard to break.

Lets light the future together!

I'm with ya brother! I beta tested in '94 for Photoshop 3. Roni, Sibi, and the rest are great, and really interested in our input. This is a clean slate, with an awesome concept for building any kind of site. It's really groundbreaking, and the next logical step from the old editor. I work on a lot of Wordpress sites, and it's really a pain to do anything creative.

On EditorX I created a vertical looped video 60px X 3000 and expanded it in a vertical strip banner of falling leaves that stretches the height of the page. It's awesome! But I think I'm going to make it a gif so it will scale correctly. That and the resolution sucks. I need to play with it some more. I'll make it work.

Check it out. View it full screen, and not on mobile. I haven't been spending time with break points. They work great, and are easy to understand. I do have issues with the 'Copy Break Point', but I need to figure out how to express it, and provide an option before I go spouting off. 😎

I'm sure we'll be chatting soon. Be safe out there.