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Sep 22, 2020
Edited: Sep 22, 2020

A persistent bug... please fix.

Sometimes my Settings Boxes (for changing object colors, borders, etc) appear at the top edge of my screen (out of view). See attached image. I am using Safari Version 14.0 (15610., 15610).

Sep 28, 2020

To duplicate this bug, I did the following.

  1. Add a new page.

  2. Set the new page section to 50vh.

  3. Switch to the mobile breakpoint.

  4. Click inside the empty new section, then tap the Pencil tool.

Doing these things should replicate the issue shown in my previous image. Let me know if you get the same results.

Sep 28, 2020

I was able to replicate the bug in Chrome by setting the height of the empty section to 10vh.

Hi Blair,

I’m Meytal and I work for the Editor X Product team, nice to meet you :]

Thanks. Your feedback on the Editor X beta is helping us improve our product. We apologize for the experience you had with the Settings Box.

We’ve sent this on to the development team and they are looking into it.

For now, if you are blocked you can try to make your section bigger, design it and then change it size afterwards.

Please feel free to reach out again with any questions or concerns


Sep 30, 2020

Thanks Meytal,

That is exactly what I have been doing. But it adds extra work for each breakpoint.

Hopefully you can fix it soon.

I am running into similar issues whenever I work vh settings. Each screen refresh shrinks my vertical viewpoint. I either have to manually set a pix height, or exit the Editor and open it again.

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