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May 20

About Overflow Content

I'm really hyped about this feature, but have not really mastered it yet. I want to create similar ''half-page scroll effects'' as references below:

Have any of you experimented with the feature yet and like to share? :-)


Hi Janet, Thanks for replying! Yes I did, but still don't manage to do this in a slick way when having a grid of 2 or more columns. Guess I just need to practice.. :-)

May 20

I had a play with this and I think you need to add a vertical section rather than 2 columns in one section. Add it by clicking the + on the left side of the editor (page has to be selected, not a section) and then raising the bottom and lowering the top so you effectively have a section split in 2. Then you can add scroll to one and not the other. Hope this is the correct way ;) I haven't figured out how to stop one section while the scrolling section scrolls though... let me know if you figure this out!!

May 22

Dear Janet,

Maybe the Sticky function for your text inside your section.

Good luck


May 22

Right, but this only scrolls if you're over that item. What I am still trying to do it be able to scroll if your mouse is over the non scrolling section. As it does in the example on the original post.


Hi again Janet, I have tried to play around a little and this is how far I've come so far. Check it out if you want: (excuse for it being in Swedish). As you said, I have tried to make the feature work, no matter where you keep the mouse. :-) Will try to develop further..

Jun 7

Hi @Niklas Wahlström That looks really great!

Can you share how you did it.

Or transfer a sample to me. Please...?

Jun 7

I found it myself:

Add a grid to a section 2x1 (2 columns, 1 row)

Add an image or so in the left cell.

Add a container to the right cell.

Add your bunch of text to the right cell.

Let it overlap on the bottom.

Now select container, go to inspector and goto Overflow Content

Select scroll and scroll direction Vertical.


Great feature in Editor X!!

Nice work Carl! Exactly. :-) Would you like to share the result for inspo/feedback?

Jun 8

Yes I will add the site when is finished, sure.

Now I was only testing

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