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May 31, 2020
Edited: May 31, 2020

Academy Lesson 11 Custom-menus

Hi there. I'm trying to do the exercise of Lesson 11 Custom-menus. 01 of the exercise asks to select the horizontal menu, click Manage Menu and add a new item. The Manage Menu panel that opens is different from the panel shown on the Lesson 11 page. There is no 'Add an Item' options.

See attached jpg

Also, 02 Creating a dropdown menu: 'Dragging an item beneath' is not happening for me.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Any advice is much appreciated.

Jun 01, 2020Edited: Jun 01, 2020

Hi @Andi Fehr,

I'm Galiet from the Editor X Product Team. Thank you for your feedback.

I see the confusion here. Once you open 'manage menu' you will be able to add or hide an existing page through the 'add pages' button (the button name has changed).

Once you click this, you will see a screen with checkboxes where you can choose which item you want to appear in your menu.

If you want to add a new item to your menu you still need to do this through your site pages (and then you can choose through Manage Menu if you want to show or hide a page).

To create a dropdown menu you can drag the item from the 4 dots and move it beneath another item.

I hope this answered your question. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out again.

Have a great day,

Editor X Team

Jun 01, 2020

Thanks for the clarification Galiet. Much appreciated.

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