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Feb 6

Add to cart button to another store

Hey guys, i have a client with a store but some of the products are in a different store and different website is it possible to fill in the product store an external link?

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Feb 7

hey Yanay, No i mean i want when the costumer is clicking on the "buy now" button, that he will directed to another Shop. I have a Client with a very big portfolio of different Partners and Shops. I worked with Woocommerce before and there you can easily have external Links für the buy now button. I hope you understand what i mean. :)


Hi Chris, Currently, if you want to define each Buy Now button to direct to a diffrent source, you would have to build the store with dynamic pages, and set up the logic in the database and connect it to a button. If you want more info regarding that you can find help in the Velo Community:

Note, you can also set up the store to work with other diffrent platforms (e.g. FB, Amazon etc.) see link here:

Feb 7

had the same Idea. But i dont have the Filter option of categories, when i do dynamic pages. I just can connect a dropdown and that very bad UX when you are online shopping..

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