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Apr 29

Adding .SVG logo files...

Hi All, just about to jump on my first X site. Is it possible at this stage to add the Vector logo image. I've done this in Classic editor but that can be glitchy and prone to disappearing. Whats your experience in X. Thank you


Apr 29

It’s something they are looking to fix! The work around for now is to drag a Wix one from the first window of media then use the change image button to update it to your own uploaded svg.

Apr 29

Oooh interesting. Thank you for that Janet.


I am Sebi and I am a Product Manager for Editor X.

Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you @janet for the assist!

We are very aware of this issue. We apologize for the difficulties you encountered.

Our developers are working on fixing this.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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