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Mar 20

anyone else unable to use the photo studio to adjust photos? (screenshot)

All of the photo studio editing tools or add elements give this error. Everything else in editorX is working alright. Refreshing does not fix it.

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Mar 20

I fixed it. Needed to update Chrome. I'll leave this up in case anyone else encounters it.

Mar 25

My chrome is up to date and this still occurs. When I try to use the 'Cut Out' feature and clicked 'Refine Edges' then click on the image, it crashes my browser and then shows as your screenshot above. The Photo Studio is very buggy.

Mar 25

@Liam my next recommendation, since for me that error was definitively related to not playing well with the web browser, would be to 1) try logging in and going into the photo studio in an incognito window (if this works then it's a plugin issue) and 2) try using another browser like Microsoft edge and see if it works there

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