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Mar 15
Edited: Mar 15

Anyone used the Wix FAQ app? It's good but there's a glaring problem - the question and answers aren't aligned!

I'm racking my brain for a workaround - unfortunately I do not know code.

I have tried to use spaces in the answers to make them align - but the spaces are simply ignored (so annoying - why?).

If you try to use a shape to cover the misaligned text, this does not work when you expand or collapse the question, because the text moves position.

Unfortunately it is not even possible to match the text colour to that of the page (thus making any out of alignment text invisible). This is because any colour change must apply to all of the text, not just a selected part of it. So your whole question or answer would become invisible!

This is not a difficult issue, come on Wix you can do much better than this! It's like you've rushed this through without a second thought!

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