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Jul 3

Are Login Bar's Currently Broken?

When I view my website, log in and click the login bar drop-down menu the only option I am shown is "Log Out" despite having a member's section set up in the editor. This happens on multiple browsers and I can't find any settings in the Login Bar options that would indicate that anything is incorrectly configured. Login Bars work as expected in the regular Wix editor.

Best Answer
Jul 16

Apparently according to Wix support that portion of my website was "corrupted" and deleting the members area entirely and re-adding it has fixed the problem.

Bit of a bummer if you actually did work in there though.


Hi @Hank

We apologize for the experience you are having with your site.

Can you please submit a ticket or schedule a call with our support team at

Make sure to include as many details possible, the more they get the faster we can identify the issue and resolve it.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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