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Sep 07, 2020

Arrrgghhh! Mobile problems! Coming from Wix Editor to Editor X - Please help!!

I am building a new site for a client. Historically I've always used Wix Editor. I have problems.

The Wix Editor contact form isn't malleable enough. The load times for 3rd parties (123 Forms, Powr etcs) are too long and not acceptable for a Client site. I have there fore switched to Editor X.

As I find my feet I am loving it. I have hit a big problem. After getting my front page as I like (with a Wix Contact) form I moved to the 'Mobile View' to edit as I would in Wix Editor.

Editor X is painful to use but after some messing I was getting the look I needed for a mobile.

But then I went back to 'Desktop View' the entire look had gone as was replaced with the new mobile look which obviously doesn't work on aa desk top.

HELP!!! Please :-)

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Sep 07, 2020

Now Fixed!



Hi Vin,

Glad to hear you managed to sort out your issues.

I recommend you take the time to visit our Academy X to learn more about the ins and outs of Editor X. For instance, this lesson about parenting & hierarchy should help you avoid issues such as the one you were describing here.

The better you understand how Editor X works and its logic will greatly improve your workflow in your next projects, it is highly recommended.

We're here should you need any more assistance.



Sep 07, 2020

Thanks Roni

I'm gonna check that out đź‘Ť

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