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Sep 7

Arrrgghhh! Mobile problems! Coming from Wix Editor to Editor X - Please help!!

I am building a new site for a client. Historically I've always used Wix Editor. I have problems.

The Wix Editor contact form isn't malleable enough. The load times for 3rd parties (123 Forms, Powr etcs) are too long and not acceptable for a Client site. I have there fore switched to Editor X.

As I find my feet I am loving it. I have hit a big problem. After getting my front page as I like (with a Wix Contact) form I moved to the 'Mobile View' to edit as I would in Wix Editor.

Editor X is painful to use but after some messing I was getting the look I needed for a mobile.

But then I went back to 'Desktop View' the entire look had gone as was replaced with the new mobile look which obviously doesn't work on aa desk top.

HELP!!! Please :-)

Sep 7

Now Fixed!



Hi Vin,

Glad to hear you managed to sort out your issues.

I recommend you take the time to visit our Academy X to learn more about the ins and outs of Editor X. For instance, this lesson about parenting & hierarchy should help you avoid issues such as the one you were describing here.

The better you understand how Editor X works and its logic will greatly improve your workflow in your next projects, it is highly recommended.

We're here should you need any more assistance.



Sep 7

Thanks Roni

I'm gonna check that out đź‘Ť

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