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Jul 2, 2020

Assigning X site to my E-com account.

Good afternoon, I am having an issue with connecting my E-com account but I am having issues where it is not allowing me. Getting a message saying to upgrade my account. But I do have an active e-com business account that is paid for. Any suggestions?

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I had this issue as well, but was able to get around it. On your My Sites page, I was clicking the top-right account menu and going to Premium Plans and transferring from there. The same thing happened to me that you are describing, it wasn't noticing that I already had a paid plan whenever I tried to transfer THAT PAID PLAN. What did work was, from the My Sites page, clicking the Site Actions menu on the icon for the site that currently has the plan and following the obvious steps from there.

Jul 3, 2020

Ok cool, thank you for your help much appreciated.

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