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May 6

Blog elements

Hi there,

I wanted to install a blog element on a homepage I'm working on but it doesn't appear to be there in X... any one help? Thank you


Hi @james,

Blog elements are not available yet for Editor X. I would recommend using repeater with the Blog Posts dataset and bind the data until this is available. The team are working on it. Best, Robert

May 6

Thank you... is there a timescale? I'm probably going wait for it.



I'm not entirely sure, but let's hope one of the Product Managers can jump in with some more information.

May 6


Hi @james Thanks @Robert Hamilton, you are correct the blog elements are not ready for production on Editor X. We are planning on integrating them in the near future. For the time being, Roberts solution is the best. Repeaters with data binding can give you control over how to display the data and the design of the feed.

May 7

Ok thank you


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