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Jun 16, 2020

Blog - no option to add custom / featured/ category posts on other pages yet?

Hi. I would like to know if we can add a blog posts section in any page we would like to.

These could be custom posts selected by us, or the featured posts, or category wise posts.

Cant see any option to do that atm.


Jun 16, 2020

I also wanted to create a custom blog but Wix support told me it's not available yet

It's more than 3 months later and the recent post feed feature is still not available. Would be good to have this soon.

Sep 30, 2020

i was just about to make a post but then i cam across this. i just added a bog to my site and i also wanted to have the newest posts featured on my home my recent post feed. Even when they have it explained on the help section and on the tool tip.

so i have hours of my time into the editor x and just realising the features are missing

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