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Aug 25
Edited: Aug 25


Good morning all,

I am speaking to the wix editor x team,

There seems to be a bug when adding the wix booking plugin. My clients have given me several feedback on this, and it seems to hinder the user experience.

I explain myself through this video:


It would appear that the back button is not working. Instead of going back to the previous page that I visited at the beginning of the video (below), this one just refreshes the page.


In the second video, it looks like no link in my menu is working. However, the menu works perfectly on all the other pages except on the booking page of wix booking!

In this example, I'm just looking to go back to my home page by clicking on my menu logo. This usually redirects me to the home page. However, as soon as I click on the logo, it automatically redirects me to the "my services" page of wix booking.

I sincerely hope that the two bugs mentioned above will be fixed as soon as possible!

You can see for yourself the two bugs via this link:

I wish you a great day,


The bug is still present, do we have any news from the wix team?

Damn, almost two and a half months without wix giving any news on this subject. It's a bug that is really disturbing for my clients!What are you doing the editor x team? Will this bug be corrected? it's starting to do a lot ... !

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