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May 29, 2020

[Bug] Wix Chat window does not close on mobile

Hey everyone,

I've liked experimenting with Editor X, but starting to get frustrated with the multiple bugs I've faced. Check out my landing page (made with Editor X) and you'll notice that chat works well on laptop, but does not on mobile. Tested using my LG G7, and a friend tried on his Google Pixel 3.

Had to take it down from my live site and made a copy to share with you all.

Hope this can get resolved asap!

May 29, 2020

@Sebi Vidret, Product Manager

I'm also having this issue. It seems that there may be a couple of bugs with the mobile live chat window.

When opened on mobile, the chat widget does not respond to the screen size, so for narrower phones (sub 8th gen) the chat window overflows the borders. I have had to set it to as far left as possible, and it still cuts off about 2% each side.

Then once you have opened it, as Dan pointed out, pressing the x does nothing. You can see the button press register with the browser, but there is no reaction to it.

This is a pretty crucial issue, as I have also had to disable live chat on mobile for now.

Hi Dan and Rory, I'm Anna from the Editor X product team. Could you please submit this via the "Help & Feedback" in the Editor topbar? Our development team is looking into this, so it will help us further investigate this issue. Please include the site/page where the problem occurs. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help!

Jun 03, 2020

Sure, If I get onto the editor today I'll send over the details.


Jun 18, 2020Edited: Jun 18, 2020

Hey Anna,

I'm almost finished my new websight , I'm having the same issue with wix chat . Can you Please let me know if this problem has had been fixed?

Jun 23, 2020

Quick update for anyone that has come across this issue and is looking for answers:

I notified the Wix team through the editor bug report, and they have replied to agree that there is an issue with the mobile chat & editor X. It has been forwarded on to the dev team who will try to fix it. Hopefully things should be working again soon!

I'll update on here if I get any more info.

Jul 14, 2020

@Dan Boric and anyone on here looking for a solution:

This is now fixed! They seem to have adjusted the format so now the chat window just matches the screen resolution of the mobile device - essentially putting it in fullscreen (but without overriding the URL/toolbar).

Thanks to the Wix team for getting this done.

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