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Apr 27, 2020

Burger menu design

Hi guys, do you think in the future it is also possible to modify the section of the burger menu (when it is open), for example by inserting social or images?


Hi Ricky,

I'm Roni, Product Manager with the Editor X team.

I'm wondering what it is you're trying to achieve, perhaps you could give an example?

Because in fact, you are pretty free to design the menu container that opens when clicking the Hamburger icon anyway you wish. You can position the container wherever you want, and when open it is open you can drag any element inside, position it as you wish, and change the style of the container itself.

I hope this helps, and if not, please do share an example, in writing or image.



Apr 27, 2020

Hi Roni, sorry, but for me It's impossile. When I click on the burger menu> open menu> add social, the window automatically closes. I also tried copying and pasting, but nothing. Maybe I'm wrong some steps?

Hi Ricky!

I am Sebi, another Product Manager for Editor X. Nice to e-meet you!

In order to add elements to the menu container, you must drag it from the add panel into the container.

Here is a GIF demonstrating how I add a social bar:

Once it is added you should be able to adjust freely.

We are going to share this feedback with our team to see how we can improve it and make it more clear.

Feel free to ask additional questions!

Apr 27, 2020

Ahhhhhhh okkkk! Perfect! Thanks a lot Sebi ;)

May 02, 2020

Hi! Not sure if this was covered somewhere else. It also looks like the 'text alignment' in hamburger menus is not currently working.

When 'Left Alignment' is selected, the text remain center aligned. Same with 'Right Alignment.' Please advise. Thanks.

Hey @hoamana , I tried to reproduce the issue you're describing and seems that text alignment worked for me. Please check the attached video and let me know if I should try a different flow to reproduce the alignment issue.

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