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May 7, 2020

Button Design

There is no option for Border Width



Thank you for raising this issue with our team.

We had some issues with the feature. We are working on adding it back to the design options.

Stay tuned for updates very soon!

Sorry my question was if i cam set the different width of the border e.g. bottom 0px, top 1px etc ?

sadly no ): because those features (custom borders) are only possible within the Advanced Button Maker, which isn't available yet at EditorX

Wow... thats a shame... i was also thinking about custom borders for any element in wix... I guess we will have to wait working with editor X, i think it has many promising features but in order to use it as a professional editor the basics CSS features need to be there or at least we need an option to set them in CSS

All of that is easily attainable by Creating a box designed how you want it. Use a button as a overlay, attached to the box, setting its opacity for regular & hover states as needed. This method would in fact give you far more room for creativity then a general button edit.

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