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Aug 2

Button within section in sticky position becomes unclickable?

Hi, I have two sections that I want to have a accordion effect to. When scrolling down, just the top part of the above section is still visible and if clicked, should scroll up to that section. The issue is, when the lower section overlays the upper section, the button in the upper section stops clicking:

This is even though the height of the lower section is 90vh and the height of the upper section is 100vh


Hi Menny, check the layers panel to insure that the clickable element is layered above the lower section. Hopefully that helps!

The two sections are top level. The bottom are contained within each section. There are no layers between the button in the upper section and the lower section


Hi Menny,

I think like Erza was mentioning, the issue may be the arrangement of the elements. There might be something layered right on top.

If you need, please share you site link and we can look into it.


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