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Jun 17, 2020

Can I add 'Dot Navigation' under the slider gallery?

Hello @Sebi Vidret, Product Manager

Can you please help me adding dot navigation under a slider gallery. It is already available in the default product page gallery. I know nothing about coding... can i create it on my custom dynamic pages?

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Hi @thegoodpeopleinnovations

Thank you for sharing your question with the community.

Are you looking to use the gallery to display images, slides, or products?

Our galleries have a slider layout option with this design.

Please let us know what you are trying to achieve so we can give you the best advice


Hi Sebi, good to hear from you.

Basically I need product page design with a slideshow for multiple images of same product-item. Now, the default product page design provides this option, but it is not responsive on different desktop view. What I mean to say is, on 1366 px, the size of the slider is uneditable, taking up too much space and the layout becomes cluttered. On the other hand, on mobile view, the size of the slide show is too small.

I tried to achieve my goal by creating custom dynamic product page with the available slider, which I could edit at every desired breakpoints. On Mobile view, with arrow navigation on both sides, the size of the image on the slider becomes too small. If I put the arrow navigation off, the image size increases, but then, without any navigation symbol, the slider looks unprofessional.

I needed this kind of slider/slideshow with Dot (Bullet) navigation beneath the images. It is available in the app market but i do not want to pay extra for this simple issue.

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