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Sep 01, 2020

Can i protect my entire site with a password on Editor X?

Is there a feature on Editor X that allows you to set a password on your site, so visitors will be asked for it when they try to access it? If so, how? I have been looking almost everywhere and have found nothing.

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Sep 07, 2020

Hi Liam,

Unfortunately, this is indeed currently impossible. We will take your feedback into consideration and it will help us in the future as we move forward and improve Editor X and its capabilities.

Thank you for your patience,



Hi, Of course!

You can password protect your pages, within the Pages Panel. Just click on a page, then click on the three dots and go into the permissions settings.

Sep 06, 2020

@Sebi Vidret, Product Manager the problem is, it only protects the page you select. I can't password protect the entire site in one go. For example, if i am getting my eccomerce store ready for a launch, I want to password protect the whole site.... but I can't with Wix, unless I manually password protect each page!


A quick workaround would be creating a static page, hosting a password entry. Surely they can get to the other pages that are behind this page but they will need to type out the full URL which is unlikely.

1) create new page (coming soon/login page)

2) set that as the home page

for extra protection

3) add a hexidecimal # to the end of the page URL

4) change back upon launch


I could be totally wrong. But this is how I'VE done it :)

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