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Feb 5

Cascading Principles - not working

Hi guys,

I'm designing using editor X using a standard cascade principle of mobile first, then move up to desktop last. However, anything i'm designing in mobile is affecting and moving things on desktop too. Hugely frustrating!! The whole principle of cascading should be by moving and designing on a lower breakpoint, it leaves the parent breakpoint alone! Any ideas?

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Feb 5

Hey Matt, Im Ido from the Editor X team, In Editor X you don't need to implement a "mobile first" workflow. Actually I think you will have a much better experience working "Desktop First", and then tablet and mobile. Im attaching a link to a community post with a video that details exactly how the cascading works in Editor X with very detailed examples, I really recommend you watch it in full, and It would be great if you could keep me updated wether it helped you.

Here's the Link to the video Thanks, Ido


@Ido Hershkovits thanks Ido, i think my frustration here is that it is affecting the breakpoint above it. Even in your video (which is great by the way), it states changes made will not affect the breakpoint above it - but it does. So i changed something in mobile, went back to desktop and the entire layout was completely changed

@Matt Baker Can you specify what change was made in the lower breakpoint and how it affected the higher breakpoint? as I mention in the video, if you make a structural change, like moving a child from its parent, it does so on all breakpoints and that is what may be causing your issue, because you are basically changing the structure of the html. I explain this in 3:35 in the video. I understand that this takes a little getting used to, but if you follow these guidelines, you'll have a very powerful tool in your hand. Cheers, Ido.

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