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Dec 28, 2020

Chat support | editor x

I am a wix user for a long time. Being a freelancer, a website is a must. Now the downside of wix is it cannot be edited beyond an extent. Most of the elements doesn't adapt to different screen sizes. I was thinking of doing a WordPress website last day after I fed up with editing my wix website. Then I came across editor x. It is featureful even though there are some bugs. But the pricing is through the roof, I must say. A premium plan will cost me around 10K which is kind of like my apartment rent in India. Even the lowest of the lowest plan is kind of expensive. On top of that, I still don't see a chat support or live help which should be a feature if pricing is on the expensive side. I expect you guys to either make the pricing a bit friendly and add a chat support. Planning to stick with the wix/editor x but with the lack of live support and insane pricing is making me consider other options.

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Hi @siva prasad, I'm Tal from the Editor X team. Can you send me an email with the details to

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