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Oct 22, 2020

Connecting Videos to Content Manager

When I add videos to the content manager and connect them to the dynamic page. How do I get them to play within the page and not open in a new window?

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Oct 23, 2020Edited: Oct 23, 2020

Hey Lewis, Yes you can connect videos to the content manager, I think the best way to achieve what you are trying to do is: 1. create a new page (not dynamic) 2. add a repeater 3. connect the repeater to data, you will be prompted to create a dataset 4. add a "single video player" to the repeater item 5. connect the video to the corresponding data field in your collection Im attaching this video, that shows the complete process, with the content manger and collection creation as well.

Oct 22, 2020

Hi Ido, in fact. I can't figure out now how to have a dynamic page with a video instead of an image. Is that possible do you know? If I add a video I can't connect it to the content manager. I guess I'm after a blog style of training videos. So a list of all videos, then when they click into it. There will be a description, and the video will play quite large on the page. Is that possible? There is where it would be on the Members Area, the same as the blogs -

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