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5d ago

Creating a max breakpoint

Hello all, I hope you're keeping safe! A little question here, is there way to create a max breakpoint? For example my screen is 1920x1080 which I believe is pretty standard nowadays. I've made sure my website is responsive up until this point but for any bigger screens it'll likely starts to break. Is there anyway to make my sign responsive up until 1920px then not respond to any bigger sizes than that?

Many thanks!!

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Hi Mitch,

Currently there is no such feature as page max width. but you could achieve this layout by: Adding a transparent container in each section and setting it to 100% width with max width of 1920px. or by: Applying a grid in each section with 3 columns: First Column: 1Fr

Second Column: Min = Auto, Max = 1920px Third Column: 1Fr Anyway, i will suggest your feature request to the rest of the team :) Thank you!

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