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Mar 25

Custom repeaters

Hi everyone

Is there a way to create this layout for the featured products bit, as a repeater? I thought that I'd cracked it but I hadn't sadly.

The wix stores doesn't really provide a layout that works for me and I'm trying not have reams of pages on my site so repeaters are best. Or any thing else that might be an alternative.

Many thanks

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Mar 26


You can use Pro Gallery, it has a similar layout.

Add a dataset that is connected to the database called "Products" and then connect the Pro gallery to the dataset.

It does work!!! Last time I tried this I could not get it to connect to the product URL for some reason so I gave up. But it works. Thank you very much Matanya!!!


Thank you. Will that work for linking products to their product page though as i tried using standard layouts before with datasets and i couldn't get it to work.

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