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Sep 9

Customised page breakpoints


I have added some customised page breakpoints. I am encountering a very annoying issue.

This is how it's supposed to work: "cascading concept across breakpoints, which means that changes cascade down. Changes you make on the largest breakpoint trickle down to the smaller breakpoints, but changes to smaller breakpoints won’t affect the larger breakpoints"

However, when I make changes to smaller breakpoints it affects all my largest breakpoints

Anyone else has had this issue?

Thank you


Yes, well the thing is that this is only restricted to the design part of it. For example: font colour, font size, etc. But if you make any changes to the code of the website, it will reflect everywhere as it is the core element.

Thank you for your reply but I’m not making any changes to the code of the website. I was only moving thi bys around. For esample the position of text or pictures as they weren’t in the right place in smaller breakpoints pages

Sep 9Edited: Sep 9

Oh well, that shouldn't affect the larger breakpoints then. There was a webinar conducted by the EditorX team, and they've posted the video on their YouTube channel - do check out the part from 25:30 (25 minutes and 30 seconds) about how changes cascade down the breakpoints. Here is the link -


I know it's driving me crazy. Until I know how to fix this, there's no point for me to touch any other breakpoints than the largest one. Even when I change something on the mobile version, it impacts on the largest breakpoint page.

Thank you so much! I'll watch it

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