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Aug 11, 2020

Does anyone know where the shape crop button is?

I used it a lot in my previous website on the normal editor, but can't seem to find it in editor x

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Hey @Jackson M.,

Can you please add a screenshot of the shape crop button that you use in the wix editor?

Aug 12, 2020

here it is:


Did you resolve? I have the same question. thanks

Wow! love for this feature to be in there, is there any other way to shape a image (mask it), for example, I have an image that is square, though I want to make it a triangle, is there a way I can edit the css? thanks

@concretenz Hey, I'm Shir from the Editor X team. Thanks for reaching out!

We have no control over CSS and right now this feature is not available but what I suggest is to upload the image which is already cut to triangle.

we will be happy if you write it down in the Wish list


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