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Mar 24
Edited: Mar 26

Download button not working

According to this article in the Wix Help Center, the file, which in my case is an image, is supposed to download to the user's device when the user clicks on the button (which is connected to the Image field in the content collection). However, this is not working as expected.

I have created a Test Site to demonstrate this bug:

(The above website is currently not optimised for mobile)

When the user clicks on the download button (which in my case is the 'v' button on the top right corner of the repeater), the image opens up in fullscreen mode in a new browser tab. To download the image, you have to right click on the image and then click Save As. In mobile, you have to press an hold on the image and then click Download Image. This is a problem because some users might not know how to do this.

Whereas the download button in the Wix Pro Gallery is a bit different. It 'triggers' the download action, when it is pressed instead of opening the image in a new tab. This is exactly what I want. How can this be achieved?

Here is a short video of how it is supposed to work (like the Pro Gallery download) button and how it is actually working:

How I want it to work:

How it's actually working:

Is there a way to 'trigger' the download action like it does in the first video?

Thank you! (:


Does anybody have a solution to this?

Hey @Pratham Gokani, I'm Shiri from the Editor X team, thank you for reaching out. We have attempted to reproduce and have not been able to. It will be best for you to get live support. You can contact support here, they will be happy to bring up your site and help you fix it.

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