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Mar 18
Edited: Mar 18

Dropdown Menu List Not Visible

I have a horizontal menu in my Header Master. I have added 3 items to the Learn label as a dropdown menu. The dropdown items seem to be slipping behind the 2nd section in my design. I have looked at all the videos related to menus and I can't seem to find the solution. Is there a quick fix for this?

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Mar 18

Hey, I think of 2 things that maybe cause this:

1. Check that the Overflow content of the Header is not set to Hidden.

2. Remove the white background from the Section below the Header.

Hope this helps.

Mar 19


You were correct. The parent container sitting in back of all the other header containers had Overflow Content set to Hidden. Thank you!

Mar 19

@hmspring Glad to hear you solved the problem!

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