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Jan 12

Dynamic formatting query

I have created a collection to contain data with a view to populating a Dynamic Page.

Some of the data fields for each category contain different amounts of data and when I layout the page to contain one category, because of the different amounts of data in the other categories, when I preview the data on some categories the text is overlapping other information on the page.

On the old Wix editor the page formatting would adjust dynamically to display any amount of data.

How do I achieve this same functionality in WIx Editor X, hopefully their is a straightforward solution.

I have no coding experience so am hoping there is a non-code solution. Thanks in anticipation of your replies.

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Jan 12

Can you share screenshots or link to one on the dynamic pages were the text it overlapping?

Jan 12

Hi Matanya and thanks for the reply.

Download PNG • 351KB

Jan 12Edited: Jan 12

From what I understand you have 3 different types of content that when there is too much content they overlapping each other?

If so, I would put each type of content in its own section and set a height of the section - auto. So that the height of the section will increase with the content.

Jan 12

@Matanya Dayfani Hi Matanya, I will have a look at this, thanks for taking the time to answer, much appreciated.

Jan 12

@edenr1 See this example:

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Jan 12

Hi Matanya, further info, the site is not yet published as awaiting compliance checks. I look forward to your advice thanks Russell

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