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Sep 02, 2020

Dynamic page is not loading in life view

My dynamic pages(all) are not loading in life mode (preview is working in editor X). My understanding issue is something with permission page and datasets

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it connected. I changed everything to public accesses (my page permission I changed to "everyone " and datasets to site content) and it still blocking with msg GO HOME with blue underline. Only one dynamic page is working every additional I create is blocked in browser.

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Sep 02, 2020Edited: Sep 02, 2020

Hi Anton,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Typically the page will return a 404 error when the database (collection) was never synced to the live site. Can you please double check if it is synced?

  1. Follow the steps below: Click the Content Manager button at the left of the Editor.

  2. Select the collection you want to access.

  3. Click Sync Sandbox to Live at the top. 

  4. Select the number of items to sync. 

  5. Click Sync Items.

  6. Click Continue Syncing.

More details Let us know if this resolved your issues.

Sep 02, 2020

Thank You for replying so fast. I have 3 datasets and 3 dynamic pages with same permissions for members and datasets. First page (orders)

I created is working but each additional I add after that is not working in published web. It does working in preview. I did synchronized data to live as well. If I logout then first dymanic page (orders) also not loading but with red underline and GO HOME msg. Loged in as admin "orders" page working but all other dynamic pages not working with blue underline and GO HOME msg. Page permissions I changed to "everyone" to see if it will help. Any idea if I miss something ( permission"Everyone" 2. datasets set as "site content" 3. user loged as "admin" 4. data synced to live)

Sep 06, 2020

Thank you for help and your replies. I did solve problem then reconnected url from "manage menu". It sounds very foolish then I tried to solve it for few days. ( I would like to share my thoughts. "manage menu" auto created dynamic pages and I relied on that connection, they worked in preview mode and first dynamic page set only in live mode. I deleted pages didn't work from "manage menu" and used "linked items" )

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