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Jan 08

Dynamic pages shows wrong images


I have an issue with my dynamic pages. I use them for projects ( but when jumping between projects the images don't load correctly, rather showing images from other projects previously visited. I tried to turn off caching for them (don't know if I actually did) but that didn't help. Any ideas what the issue could be?

Thank you!

Jan 08

There are a few things you can check:

1. Check that the collection is synchronised to Live.

2. Check that you do not have 2 items in the collection with the same name (title).

3. Make sure that repeater and repeater items connected correctly to Dataset.


I've checked all your suggestions, but unfortunately the problem persists. The issue resolves itself if one updates the site, but when you go to a new project site it's usually (but not always) the wrong images.

@Kaj Norberg collections can't switch sites. you have to make the collection within the site it is intended

@Jeffrey Gillespie Hi! Sorry, I was unclear, it's the same site but another page.

I have a Projekt (All) page which is the main dynamic page, and then Projekt (Link address) which are all my projects. I'm struggling with showing the Gallery not updating itself properly. Hope I'm being clear, tell me if I should clarify anything!

Thank you!

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I talked to support, and apparently it's a known issue with the rendering of the website, so there's nothing to be done on this end.

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