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Sep 18, 2020

Each time I switch between laptop and mobile breakpoints, the mobile width defaults to 360 pixels. The tablet width, defaults to 768. WHY??

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Sep 18, 2020

mobile break point defaulting to 360

laptop break point defaulting to 768 each time i widen the page, and move from one break point to another, it always goes back to this as above...

Sep 24, 2020Edited: Sep 24, 2020

make sure the container within them are not docked or anchored to other parts of the layout, they tend to reset their view levels.

so what I do is, design the website from the top, I design maybe 10% of the website and then I add all of the breakpoints I want or all the device resolutions, and then switch from laptop to mobile and finish that 10% and then go back to the largest resolution and then design that...... and switch to mobile and back. That way I know that whenever I'm designing will be slowly consistent and I don't risk breaking my whole website while switching the breakpoints.

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