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Mar 25

Edit site created with Wix Editor in Editor X


first of all I am new to Wix so apologies in advance if I am missing anything obvious..

I have almost finished creating my first website on Wix using the Wix editor and then I realised that it's not fully responsive and after some research I have realised that I should have used Editor X.

I'm now trying to avoid rebuilding the website from scratch and wondered if there is any way of "transferring" or editing the existing site with Editor X.

thanks for your help..


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Welcome to Wix and Editor X! Currently, we are beta testing the functionality to migrate your Classic Editor site to the Editor X. We expect this to be available to more users very soon! For the time being you would need to handle the migration manually, if you have any questions about achieving this, then please let us know.

Best of luck with your new site!

Mar 25Edited: Mar 25

Wow! Y'all are already beta testing this feature? That's great! Can't wait for it!

Mar 25

Hi Sebi,

thanks for the reply, looking forward to it. I assume you are going to notify the users when the feature will be available?

in the meantime it'd be very helpful if you had any tips or suggestions in order to minimise the work involved in the migration: are there any elements that can be "copied over" from the Wix site or do I need to start from scratch?



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