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Apr 10, 2020
Edited: Apr 26, 2020

Editor X community guidelines.

The Editor X forum is a space to connect with other creators from the design community so you can inspire each other, share ideas, enhance your knowledge and provide feedback about Editor X.

Please follow our community rules:

Be nice.

Let’s cultivate a supportive culture to make sure that it’s an environment where we can help promote creativity.

Use only English in posts, comments, and your user profile.

Focus on Editor X.

Topics should be Editor X-focused and not related to other products, unless you’re using those products or APIs in your site.

Format your posts.

All new topics must follow the Posting Requirements format as described in the full guidelines. Posts that do not meet these requirements will be marked for deletion.

Words matter.

No profanity or abusive behavior

Posting guidelines:

Search before posting.

Use the forum search. There's a great chance that someone has already solved the problem that you are facing. If you post a question that has already been asked and answered, your post may be locked. You might find the answer to your question by taking a look at Academy X lessons and tutorials.

Practice gratitude.

Acknowledge when you get a good response by “Mark as Best Answer” (available from the Show More menu icon). This makes it easier for other members to spot the correct answer. Thanks, likes and follows mean a lot!


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