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Mar 25


Is there any discount code for editor x?

I would like to do the E-comm. premium upgrade for 1 year or 2, but the price are very high.

Is there any coupon code for a specific upgrade plan or something like that?

If not i will be forced to re-create the website on WIX and upgrade it.

Thank you in advance @Editor X Team


Hey @ordinal

Unfortunately there are no vouchers or discount codes at the moment. Are you looking to build an e-commerce website for your company?

Mar 25

@Edu Giansante yes

Mar 25

I really like EditorX, bit i think i will Be forced to move back on Wix for the price..

Yes pricing is very expensive. I want to move so many of my clients but Editor X is way more expensive compared to Wix, Elementor or Squarespace. My clients don't want to move to Editor X. What about us students or people who want to create a personal portfolio website. The pricing is wayyy to high.

Hi @Chloe Bennet and @ordinal

Glad to hear that you're keen to move your clients to EditorX!

What are capabilities and/or collaboration controls that we're still missing, that makes you feel that the Editor X price is not right?

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