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Sep 30, 2020

Editor X - General questions from my own

Dear Wix Team,

First of all, a great thank for the great job you are doing to make Editor X a wonderful tool to create incredible websites.

However, I have some questions to ask you.

1) Do you know when the definitive version of Editor X will be released?

2) Are you waiting for to release Editor X to definitive version until it will reach all functionalities of current version (e.g. multi-languages management, tables, rich text box input, switch buttons, reCAPCHA, etc) or not?

3) On your page, you are listing great improvements for the future of Editor X.

a) Are those definitely in the development pipeline or some of them could be likely to be abandoned?

b) Will this website page remain to inform us of new improvements after the definitive Editor X release?

4) When the definitive version will be released, can we continue working with the Beta version already created by us or it will be better to re-build our projects from the beginning with a new definitive released/blank version when definitive?

5) The current Editor is already great but totally different as Editor X.

a) Will the current Editor remain when the Editor X will be released?

b) Do you advise us to transfer our websites already created into the current Editor to Editor X?

c) Do you expect to separate (commercially) both Editors or both will remain under

Kind thanks for your responses.

Best regards


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