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Sep 14, 2020

Editor X is incredibly buggy

I’ve been designing my website for many weeks now and quite frankly I am exhausted from the amount of bugs I keep encountering. I have been trying to add the Wix Forum app and I gave up and decided not to add it to my website even though it’d be a great addition…. then I went to remove the item from the menu and the item wouldn’t get removed, so I had to delete the menu and make a new one, then I went to all my pages and found out that the menu on every single one was messed up and the “Manage Menu” button wasn’t working so I couldn’t just select the new menu. I had to manually delete then copy/paste the menu again on each page.

Then as I was changing the menu on each page, I went to my Product page and noticed that the Product display got messed up and the justification of the text got stuck right next to the image (?) I don’t even know how that could happen out of nowhere because I’ve literally had it on for weeks and it was fine.

The login bar doesn’t work.

The social bar can only be set to horizontal.

The Member Menu keeps getting messed up.

Wix Support takes about a week to get to every single issue that I have and all they do is look at the issue and tell me that it’s fine. I set my social bar to horizontal after I got tired of trying to fix it at vertical and literally all they responded with was “Your bar is set to horizontal; you need to set it to vertical for it to be vertical.” They could’ve tried setting it vertical and seen for themselves at least, but no.

I have a backlog of issues that I’m still waiting on responses for, and quite frankly I’m not sure I’m going to actually get a real answer on anything.

I am incredibly disappointed with Editor X. Like I said, I’ve been working on my website for a long time, and it feels like it’s probably going to go to waste because I’m thinking of looking elsewhere after years of being on Wix. It’s 2020 and the best they have to offer is a buggy beta release of a responsive design editor with bad customer service.


Hi @Abdullah,

We appreciate your honest and through feedback on your experience using Editor X. We are aware that there are some bugs in the product and have been dedicating most of our developers to handling user reported bugs.

In light of the recent Covid pandemic, we're operating with a limited team in some of our Customer Care sites. It may take longer to get a reply from our dedicated Editor X support team during these times. We understand that you have many threads going on and have pushed for them to address them.

We will review the tickets that have already been submitted to make sure that if the issue persists, that they are passed on to our team.

Please report the details of the Forum issues or others that have not be reported to our team via support.

We would like to thank you for your patience through this process.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Sep 15, 2020

It seems right now that anything you do could make the whole site fall to pieces. Something has certainly changed in the last handful of months because the amount of issues (as noticed above) seems to increase daily...

A few more to add to the list:

There's now a weird glitch where containers suddenly have some strange version of the contents imprinted on them underneath like a picture (there is no object there it is just the empty background of the container but it displays whatever you previously had in the container as a ghostly unclickable image) and all of a sudden anything you try to do like delete the container or former contents won't work and there is no object menu when you click on the container or the contents that was previously inside it, they are now unclickable and unremovable in the editor or in the layers area.

If you add code to any page there is a high likelihood that all database links across the site will revert to linking to the homepage, but this doesn't seem to be happening 100% of the time. It seems the issue is connected to adding code for sure.

Sometimes just changing something in the database or editing a page connected to data without any code at all will suddenly have the same effect with all non-menu links on the live site changing to point home, but this seems to resolve itself with enough refreshes or by itself after a minute or so it seems.

Half the time links on a live site will open a blank page that needs refreshing to actually load. This is probably due to cache stuff, I know, we all know by now that seems to be a huge ongoing problem but unfortunately site visitors probably aren't going to waste their time refreshing every page of a website to see if by chance it might work, so that's not helpful at all (I know this is just a general problem and not specific to Editor X like the other issues but it's worth mentioning).

Again there's a whole backlog of one off glitches and oddities which you'd expect of course, but these lingering entire site-altering bugs are making it impossible to progress at all, you literally have to save and check after every slight change in case it has somehow broken the whole site structure and you might have to go back in the site history at any moment. This is certainly new though, things were much more stable before and there were hardly any major destructive issues that I had noticed in the past.

Sep 15, 2020

It seems right now that anything you do could make the whole site fall to pieces.”

Yes, this is exactly what it feels like. I keep finding alternative solutions and compromises and yet keep encountering more and more issues. I’ve come to the point where I’m basically dealing with the bare necessities, and if they’re not fixed, I’m going to have to ditch the whole website. No customer would want to deal with an unstable login bar and menu—nor do I want anyone to deal with such issues on my website.

Sep 16, 2020

Well that's it, today it has completely broken. I tried to add the same code as always that has always worked on the Classic editor and had always worked in the early days of Editor X and as I mentioned previously doing that now in "Editor X: Completely Broken Edition" causes all database links across the entire site to stop working and link to the homepage. No problem right? Just go back in site history to before I inserted the code and it'll be fixed like usual? Nope. It's just completely broken full stop now, no going back. Great. That's weeks of time and effort now wasted. Every single day this gets more broken and frustrating and with no explanation why things are getting worse and not slowly being looked into and fixed?

Sep 16, 2020

I love the idea of Editor X and how it works, however, I have since stopped using it for the same reasons. Also, many missing parts that is crucial to a design tool. Doesn’t even have gradients, that straight away puts me off this ‘design’ tool. I’ll revisit editor x when it comes out of beta I think.

Sep 25, 2020

Same here. To many bugs, lots of missing features/elements. Also, the price is way to high (for a beta). Shame, there's so much potential.

Sep 27, 2020

I just came across editorx and at first glimpses thought it was an excellent move by wix. However reading these comments makes me want to put it on hold. Although, what's more concerning is the premium prices stated and yet its buggy and in beta. Wix, if you're going to launch something new then at least provide it completely free or at a very low cost until it's at launch stage. I'm debating on doing my own website on wordpress just due to the high editorx costs.

Sep 27, 2020

Ditto. Me, too.

Also, if you're going to launch something new... at least be sure the basics are sound and do extensive testing beforehand. Don't be impetuous with advertisement that is beyond the actual capabilities.

Sep 27, 2020

@Deb yeah, i noticed this too...they are so heavy with the advertisements on Editor X yet the product is...

  • In beta.

  • Expensive for a beta product or even a new product.

  • Buggy as hell.


Sep 28, 2020

Hello, I fully agree with you in your remarks! Besides, I absolutely do not understand this price difference between the premium plans of "classic" wix and editor x ... It's nothing to understand. I discuss it very vaguely on this post:

I hope that wix will react and take into account our different opinions.

Sep 28, 2020

I've just tried it out, for a very simple website for a new client. Go it looking nice but couldn't for the life of me get it working due to bugs. Each change I made just moved items around in the layers in different breakpoints. I really love the idea of it, but while its still in Beta, unfortunately I wont be using it. And using it in the state its in at the moment, it seems to me like its still in pre-Alpha rather than a beta! Word of advice Wix, test before you release. Also the price is ridiculous for something that doesn't work.

PS FEATURE REQUEST: The ability to work on two windows at once (or if you're feeling snazzy, build a desktop application where we don't rely on browsers to handle high development needs)

Nov 07, 2020

I do experienced lots of bugs in this Editor X. From my understanding, the advantage of this editor is to allow us to work with multiple devices. If the cost is too much then I rather work under the guideline of the classic editor.

At first I thought Editor X was buggy until I tried other responsive editors. My last experience with Dreamweaver was not bad but it's a bit slow in speed especially with the html and CSS. The more editors I tried the more I know how to handle with responsive editors and its not easy. I realized I have to work with one section at a time, resizing viewports from maximum to minimum and all your elements mustn't have sudden overlapped or scattered until you reach the breaking point. When it all finished try and resize over various of breaking point to see it run smooth.

Dec 28, 2020

just a quick post so that I get updated on this post.

I have a quiet week where I was going to return and look at Editor X but still in Beta and inadequately resourced suggests that I should put this on the backburner for a while yet. Still no clear response to the ability to migrate content or assets from our production sites.

Jan 08

Is EditorX a dead player? I see very little activity on this forum and many problems and questions go unanswered. I don't want to waste my time on something that is going to be gone in a few years.

Wix urgently need to improve customer support for editor x immediately as at the moment there basically isnt any, i think this is why there is alot of annoyed people out there as Wix are currently charging full price for a product that is still in BETA and has no customer support.

There are people reporting on the web that editor X has faster page loading times then webflow sites, if this is true then editor x could possibly have huge potential. I have done some minor testing in relation to this and these editor x sites do indeed appear to load very fast.

I've spent so much time on EditorX and its now un-useable!! unhappy clients - lost income - have to rebuild whole site with another platform. Over promised and under delivered.

Perhaps you can save all sections to my designs and recreate the website from blank and then adding in all saved sections.

Hey Chisholm, I'm Ido from the Editor X team, can you please share the url to site so I can try and help solve any problems you might have encountered? Thanks

@Ido Hershkovits

Thank you Ido, I've been on support after raising a tickets for my issues

but thank you for your concern.

Hi, I'm Shiri from the Editor X team. We appreciate your feedbacks. Our DevTeam is constantly working to solve all the stability issues. Please continue to raise any issue you are experiencing, so we can be sure not to miss it. Thank you for your patience.

Ok, images i am placing in the editor are not aligning correctly on the live site? Can you please show me why this is happening and how to fix this?

Hey @john wallace, Thanks for reaching out.

It's a bit hard for me to address the issue without seeing any visualization of the conflict. If you could please provide images and a link to the live site. Meanwhile, you can check out this tutorial -, maybe it could help clarify some of the issues.

Jan 13

Yeah, this pretty much pins what I was thinking right on the forehead.

I've used Editor X since it was announced, with little issue (and what was there was understandable little bugs). But I took a break from using any web design tools since I was focusing on other things. I came back today, and JESUS it is bad. The login bar is evidently impossible to drag around, if you add an image to a layouter box it forces some obnoxious extra margin underneath the image, no matter HOW MANY TIMES I try to manually resize both the image and the item, or use a grid. The page menu inside the member environment bugs out repeatedly, with certain pages disappearing from the list intermittently even when appearing as intended in the editor.

It's getting on my last nerve how dysfunctional this has become, because it used to be better. I can't even get the layout I want set up in an editor designed from the ground up on responsive layouts, because it's constantly bugging out. And I can't find anything remotely useful as an alternative, so I'm stuck limping along with this dumpster fire until either it gets fixed, or I get so fed up I have to learn advanced web programming techniques on my own.

Hello @SYGMAH, I'm Jonathan from the Editor X Team. It's really unfortunate to hear about your experience with our platform. We're paying close attention to user feedbacks and constantly improving, so please make sure to raise any issue you are experiencing. I would also gladly help you with the issues you've mentioned above, if you could clarify and maybe bring up examples of your desired outcome.

I was making an website on editor x and then i could not delete an element!!!

Jan 25

Hi having issues with the pro galleries. Want a full page slideshow but changes to collage without asking when published. bug...?

Feb 03Edited: Feb 03

Editor X is so broken and frustrating at its current state. Site masters are 100% broken. When you can finally add one it will overwrite all of your pages with it or screw up the placement, and won't let you delete it... compositions are broken, and support doesn't even know what's going on. Can't delete stuff, whenever I resize a strip the whole website will break. Whenever I resize the menu it will break as well. Just so many issues...

i am making a website in editor x from a month and now none of the section is deleting or moving! and its so frustrating!! Please help if anyone knows.

i am making a website in editor x from a month and now none of the section is deleting or moving! and its so frustrating!! Please help if anyone knows.

There are two ways to do it. You can right click and select the options in the right click menu or you can go onto the layers option on the top tool bar select the section then move or delete it from there

There are two ways to do it. You can right click and select the options in the right click menu or you can go onto the layers option on the top tool bar select the section then move or delete it from there

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I spent an hour on support a few days ago trying to fix an issue with the first EditorX site I actually have taken live.

It was clear from working with the support person (who was great, no complaints about her) that the platform itself has serious issues still. We finally found a very weird workaround for one of the issues (had to do with repeaters connected to dynamic content), and when i tried to demonstrate the second issue it looked fine. But I applied a screen-recording app to track what my site visitors are seeing and clicking on as they navigate, and over the weekend just about all my site visitors clearly encountered the second problem (the hamburger menu doing very odd loading issues that make half the menu unclickable). And not only this, but it is clear that most users are ALSO seeing a very odd loading glitch on my homepage which i was previously unaware of.

Things that look fine in the editor and preview mode load totally broken in life testing. This makes it very hard to pinpoint what magic action will be needed to jolt the platform into doing the thing it is supposed to do.

The Masters are still broken—that's something i didn't even bother talking with support about, for sake of time. I cannot add any new Masters.

I intend to follow up with support, but it's incredibly frustrating to spend so much extra time. Last week I spent 8 hours on what was supposed to be the final few fixes to the site as it launched—that should have taken maybe 1.5 hours if I'm being generous.

I cannot in good conscience recommend any clients to Editor X until things stabilize. I have high hopes for the platform, and would not "bash" the platform publicly, because there is good reason to believe all of this will be resolved in time. But I don't have confidence in it, and wanted to just give honest feedback here in an environment where it might be heard merely as a reflection of real customer experience. Data for you guys, Editor X, do with it what you will.

Hi Sarah,

Maria here from the X team. I'm sorry to hear about these issues. Please can you attach a link to your site, so that the product team can investigate?

Hi, I agree that it is prudent not to rely on the preview but test the live site on several devices. That also why I am really anxious to get the Release Candidate function, to allow live testing of new functionality on (regression) issues before releasing to (all) users.

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