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Jan 21

Editor X not working at all

So I have been designing a page using editor x for around three weeks now, at first it seemed ok, sure it had somethings that didn't make much sense but nothing I couldn't get around. The thing is as time went on other bugs or problems emerged and even tho I worked around most of them now editor x has ogtten to the point where it's straigh up not working. This is frustraiting cause I am designing the page for a fellow partner that had planned to launch her buissines around a week ago but because of constat problems with editor x the goal was not met and she already even paid for the site and got a custom domain.

Currently I am experiencing a glitch where it doesn't let me delete a lot of things and most importantly sections. it also doesn't let me remove or delete master sections and when I go to the master sections it doesn't let me delte them as a whole. So currently I am unable to get rid of sections and elements that I need to get rid off and it also has trouble adding certain elementes. Also some of the sections are aranged sompletly wrong and are even overlaping with each other and it doesn't let me change the order either. This is extremly frustraiting cause I was suppose to get this done in time but am simply unable to cause the editor wont budge. Me and my partner have wasted both time and money and would like to get some help to fix this and be able to launch soon. I understand this is a beta but there is a difrence from something that still needs work and something that is simply unusable and I am afraid editor x at this point is quite unusable. I hope I can get some help on the matter.

Jan 22

I had several issues in the past and even had to rebuild the website twice by saving all sections to design assets and then using these into a new page. As I learned to avoid a number of things it is proven lot more stable. I stop using vertical sections as these causing issues down the line and got corrupt. Using padding is a lot more robust. I also never drag a layer in the layers panel, but use the menu instead to move the position up or down. Further I always tidy up the grid area, making sure an object is strictly tight to the grid intended. Also avoid to many complexity in for example stacking. Probably a number of other things I have internalized without realizing.

Yeah I get what you mean, but unfortunetly at this point the site doesnt want to budge at all so I would need to rebuild the site from scratch which is obvs not good since I was pretty much almost done. and unfortunetly risking to build the site again from sctrach with the possibility of the same thing happening again is not a risk I am willing to take. No one should have to rebuild their website as a whole just because the plataform they are working on is simply broken. Still those are some good advice so thank you, if I am able to save what I already have done I will keep it all in mind.

Jan 22

Have you contacted Wix Customer Care?

yeah, they don't have any for editor x in itself only for wix. When I called he tried to get me in contact with the editor x support and there wasnt any in terms of phone support. He told me that they would send an email and all they sent is the avarage survey that in no way or form adressed my problem.

Jan 22

I'm telling you something but not sure it will help.

Try to make the section you want to delete as a master and then do "Remove from page". Anyway, you need to report it.

They take all reporting seriously and also your reporting can help other people with the same problem. You can do this through the editor menu:

Tried that trick before cause also thought it might work, unfortunetly it didn't, As for the report bug thing, will do, thanks and hopefulyl they will help.

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