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Jul 29

Editor X Premium Plan for Business Rant

I don't know about anyone else, but I was able to assign the premium plan from editor to editor x. So that way, I can design my website without the wix tag. I don't know why, but my site's been bugged/glitched. Creating a new site removes the problem, but I have to start all over again. I can't assign my premium plan to the new site because apparently I have to upgrade the premium plan to editor x premium plan. The cheapest one I can do is $69 a month yearly plan...I'm on hold right now, and they told me that they can't give me any discount, credit, refund or anything even though I still have 5 months left of the premium plan. So if I upgrade to editor x premium plan, I would be paying $700+ while canceling my old premium plan which still has 5 months.

This is the mindset that will cost them clients. Rather than work with those of us who have been loyal and willing to stay, they make it ridiculously expensive but at the same time, are using us a beta testers for free. They are benefitting from our questions and constant testing yet are unwilling to offer any kind of "thank you". Might be time to jump ship.

Jul 30

Whoah!!! what?? I've not seen any mention of this on EditorX site. I just switched my normal wix premium to Editor X without any mention that its going to cost more. EditorX doesn't even work properly at the moment so how can they justify that sort of money? They need to fix the basics and then make sure it has at least as many features as a standard Wix site and is fully functioning before hiking up the price. And even then it'll need to be very good indeed to justify that amount of money when there are so many cheaper alternatives.