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Feb 7
Edited: Feb 7

Filter by Category

Does anyone have a tutorial to simply filter the dataset by Category?

It seems so simple but all the tutorials I've followed have multiple dropdowns or search functions I seem to get confused. I just want one dropdown which filters by category reference field in the dataset. Thank you.

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Feb 10

Hey @Lewis Kirton-Smith,

I'm Shiri from the Editor X team, thanks for reaching our.

If you are referring to filtering content based on user selection, here is a fairly simple article on the topic.

Thank you, It's trying to filter categories specifically. If I set the filter to dropdown, I can only choose a text field not a reference field. I think I can do it if I set multiple datasets but then it get's complicated for a client when adding their own items to the database.

Feb 10

This sounds a bit complicated ... can you share what the main database and reference database looks like? From what I think, you should query the reference database whenever the user selects a category from the drop down

@Matanya Hi Matanya, sorry for the late reply. Been very busy. The reference field is greyed out as it's a category and I cannot set the term for 'Contains'. Maybe I can pick your brain over a PM?

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