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May 09, 2020

Filtering content

I am looking for a feature that would allow me to create custom menus for filtering content within a page (not redirecting the user to a new page). For example - I have a menu or a few buttons with a few different categories - "Branding" / "Data vis" / "UX/UI" etc. and I want them all to appear on the same page. Once a user will press the "Branding" category the section beneath it will show all the branding project. Once the user press the "Data vis" the same section would show the data vis projects. etc.

Is this possible in the new editor?

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Hi @emma.margarita

Nice to meet you!

If you would like content to dynamically change on the page, then it would require using Wix Corvid for the custom logic.

Note: Wix Corvid does require some knowledge on javascript or programming, but we have helpful resources that can help you (resources listed below).

To set up:

  1. Create the page

  2. Add a dataset to the site

  3. Add the content to the dataset

  4. Connect your dataset to the page elements

  5. Add the custom logic using the Wix Data API from Corvid

Here are some resources:

Hope this information was helpful.

May 16, 2020

Hi Sebi!

Thank you will try this and see if I manage.

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