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Mar 11

Fixed background with scrolling content boxes?

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Mar 11

Hey, I'm Liron from Editor X. Thanks for reaching out!

This example can be recreated by using the Reveal effect on an image and setting it as the section background.

You can choose how each of your images behaves as your visitors scroll down your site and add depth to your creations with scroll effects.

Select an image at any breakpoint, click Settings, then under Scroll Behavior drop-down choose Parallax or Reveal:

  • None: There is no scroll effect on your image.

  • Parallax: The image moves at a different speed to the other elements, giving a 3D effect.

  • Reveal: The image is revealed as you scroll down your site.

To set the image as a section background, you can stretch it to fill the section in just a click. Drag an image to your section and click the Stretch icon on the top right of the image to fill the whole space.

Please feel free to reach out again with any questions or concerns.


Mar 12

Hi Liron, that´s great :-)! Thanks a lot!

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