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Aug 02, 2020
Edited: Aug 02, 2020

Font Issue on mobile

A very surprising issue is happening here! I am using Playfare Display Font. It is ok on desktop and laptop, but astonishingly the font gets changed on all mobiles. BUT (!), when i am saving & publishing a site (which uses Playfare Display) from the EditorX expression without making any change, the font is perfectly ok on mobile.

Another issue is haunting me... It is perfectly ok on Desktop/laptop live site when I am using a sticky property on an image in the homepage which is not stick-ing on mobile... but again when i am saving&publishing a site (without changing a single thing) with sticky property from the Expression, it works fine on mobile live.

Can someone in EditorX help me out....

By the way, in both occasions, I am trying to build the site from blank and not modifying an existing Expression Site .


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