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Sep 06, 2020

Gallery in shop page under wix stores

I am using the default gallery in shop page under wix stores.

evry now and then, the shop page depricates the items-

meaning, sometimes it functions alright, but the othertimes,

it is showing only few items both in mobile and laptop view. My site is live,

and i am getting constant complaints from my customers that

the shop page is not showing all the products.

I have reported a number of times through their 'report a bug' but no parmanent solution was provided.

I monitoring my live site at regular intervals, and surely the shop page is not working properly.

The bottom line is, i have bought such a site which is still in its lab-state, under-prepared, under-developed but wix claims their editorX sites are full functional. Very dissapointing experience !



We apologize for the issues that you are encountering via your live site.

Can you please provide us with the steps to recreate the issue on our end? Once we have this information we will hand it off to our developers to investigate.

Sep 07, 2020Edited: Sep 07, 2020

Hi Sebi

I just created wix stores default pages, renamed the shop page, and added 18 images to the default shop page.

From Shop>settings> View More Products>Load More Button.

The live site on mobile view, it shows 10images and then when I click the Load More Button, it expands to next lot of images. The Load More Button gets vanished frequently on live site.

I had used the 'Gaming Startup' site from wix expression to build my site. Here the menu in the header was connected to lightbox containg menu items. I kept that part intact in my site. Now on live site this menu is not showing the pages i had chosen... most of the time, it shows some other pages at its own will!

please check my site -

Hi @thegoodpeopleinnovations

I've looked at your site and seems like the issues no longer reproduce. I also understand you've contacted us through other channels and my colleagues have been in touch and have confirmed this.

Feel free to contact us again if needed.


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