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May 05, 2020

Get Feedback feature?

Is there a Get Feedback feature to easily share the website for feedback, like there is in the old Editor?


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May 05, 2020

Currently, Editor X does not support the Get Feedback product but hopefully one of the Editor X team members can weight in with an update about this.


Hey @Editor X Team -- it's been over a year since Editor X was released, and there's still no Get Feedback feature. I'm migrating all my new clients to Editor X, but it's not ideal for me to publish the site for clients to view it. Many of them get nervous about their site being published when "it's not ready yet." Plus, when clients have comments on their sites, they have to email me huge missives or we need to have 2-hour phone conversations. If they could just simply click and post comments directly onto the Editor X site like you can do in the original Editor, that would be a game-changer. Is there a reason for this not being possible? It's tricky telling clients how great Editor X is, only to tell them that the only way to provide feedback is by publishing their site (insert horror from client) or by doing the "antiquated" email/phone method (insert annoyance from client). If you could work on expediting this function, that'd be fantastic! Loving Editor X otherwise! 😍

@Editor X Team OMG -- you guys are fast! 🥳 Get Feedback wasn't available the other day -- I just checked again a couple minutes ago, and it's available now! Thanks a million!!

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