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Jan 26
Edited: Jan 26

Gradient background all over the page

Hello everyone. I am building a page with a gradient background from top to bottom. When I work with cells, everything is simple - I type in which cell the background should start and in which cell the background should end. The problem arises when a website has several sections on one page. Is there any way to spread one long background over several sections? My English is not good, I use a translator. Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Currently, it is not possible to add an image as a page background. This is a capability that we are actively discussing to enable for the future.

Please let us know if you have any additional feature requests.


Hey @Sebi Vidret, Product Manager does the upgrade presented last week changed this? I also like to add a gradient background to my site and not want to use a work around.


I might be miss understanding here but could you not get the same result by simply adding the same gradient (image) to all sections, setting to 'reveal', color matching the background and making sure the focal point of each is 100% the same?

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