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Aug 20, 2020

Grid adjustions in laptop is affecting smartphone grid as well


When defining new grid , or adjusting grid dimentions in tablet and laptop screan, the smartphone grid affected as well.

How can I avoide this ?


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Aug 20, 2020

Can you share the Grid settings? Did you adjust the smart phone grid , different to the other breakpoints?

Any adjustment to the highest break point trickles down to the lower break point but not the other way. So it iwll be better to define a grid specific for smartphone and check if that solves the problem.



The grid settings in smartphone are 3x2.

Everything looks great but when reaching the next breakpoints (751-1000) , the grid disappear and when trying to apply different grid , for example, 2x2 (for laptop ) , the smartphone grid is changing as well and I need to start my smartphone design all over again.


I would like to clarify my issue:

1. I set 3x2 grid in smart phone .

2. Moving to the next break point (751-1000) , the grid disappeared.

3. Trying to apply the same grid 3x2 for tablet.

4. The grid in smart phone is going crazy

5. Need to fix my design in smart phone all over again.

6. thanks

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